Our 2021 study of American employees found that 83% of respondents are interested in getting company news via podcasts, and 78% would like to hear from company leadership via internal podcasts.  An appetite for work-specific audio is the impetus behind FieldCast, a full-service platform for private enterprise podcasting.


The Future of Work is Blended

While public-facing branded podcasts help companies burnish their brand images to consumers, FieldCast specializes in creating new and uniquely effective lines of in-house corporate communications. The pandemic has fundamentally changed how company leaders need to communicate with employees to be effective. Companies must adapt to the new paradigm of when, where and how employees work and when, where and how they consume information. Given the rise of blended offices combining remote and in-person workers, one of the most effective ways for employers to engage and motivate employees to create a high-performance workplace is through podcasting.


We don’t yet know whether executive podcasting will replace the time-honored “all-hands meeting.” But in this period of podcasting’s evolution when alternate forms of distribution are putting new definition into a formerly free-for-all environment, private enterprise podcasting breaks through employees’ daily grinds while highlighting audio’s unique qualities.


Podcasts are Additive, Not Intrusive

They can be accessed anytime and anyplace – not just when the employee is sitting at their desk trying to get work done. One of the complaints we’ve repeatedly heard about the increase in video conferencing is that it interferes with work and productivity. Podcasting allows executives to share their news, vision and insight with employees in their own voice – when, where and how employees want to hear it. 


Workers Want Company Podcasts

FieldCast commissioned a study from Kantar of 1,500 workers, and we asked them about their interest in podcasts from their employers. More than 83% of the respondents indicated that they would like to receive company updates via podcast and 78% want to hear from company leadership via podcastPodcasts have the convenience of being accessible when, where and how employees want to listen. Some may choose to listen during normal business hours, while others may select to tune-in on their drive to or from the office. It’s totally flexible, unlike live video conferencing. Yet podcasting provides the personal connection directly with the leadership team.


About FieldCast, LLC 
Milwaukee-based FieldCast is the voice of business. FieldCast developed the first private podcasting system for business. FieldCast tools and services allow companies to securely engage their teams through the convenience of mobile devices and the voices of company leadership. Business users can create a podcast in minutes with FieldCast’s platform or turn to the company’s veteran podcast pros to help create private content that adds passion, personality and connection to the workplace. Podcasts are delivered on the most secure private podcasting platform, with desktop recording and detailed listener analytics included. For more information, visit fieldcast.co.
About Dana Elmquist
As president of FieldCast, Dana Elmquist is helping to revolutionize workplace communications and culture using the medium of podcasting. Dana brings a creative and innovative background to audio business strategies. With a varied background in the arts and business, Dana combines his knowledge and insight to help companies achieve their goals of utilizing strategic communications to engage and motivate employees. 
Dana earned his Bachelor of Arts in Art History and has a Master’s in Art History from UCLA. He spent several months in sub-Saharan Africa studying artists in Mozambique. Working for the Museum of African Art in New York City, Dana helped raise $67 million for the organization. He has worked for public libraries and WNYC Studios in New York spearheading major partnerships with Google, JP Morgan Chase and Progressive Insurance. In addition to his role as president of FieldCast, Dana teaches Strategic Communications at the graduate school at Columbia University in New York City.