How do you know who to choose to host your company podcast? There are two traits FieldCast Chief Content Officer Ted Canova looks for in a great podcast host: Curiosity and a sense of wonder.

While being a great communicator and being knowledgable are important characteristics for a host, the audience will be able to tell if the host isn’t curious about the topic at hand. A great host also isn’t the smartest person in the room. They should be learning from the guest alongside the listener and have a sense of wonder for the information the guest is sharing.

A great host may be someone unexpected. While a leader within your organization may be a good choice, it may be beneficial to think outside the box and choose a person who has genuine curiosity and a sense of wonder.

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About Ted Canova
From broadcasting to podcasting, Ted has led award-winning newsrooms in Boston, Minneapolis and Providence. He hired and mentored diverse staffs and produced innovative coverage on television and radio. In 2008, Ted started his first podcast which served as his very own R&D for everything he brings to FieldCast today. With unemployment at 10%, he launched Job Talk America from a bedroom in his house to help people find jobs. In 2016, he created and served as Executive Producer for In The Thick for the Futuro Media Group (producers of NPR’s Latino USA). In 2016, to counter the polarization gripping America, he started the Front Porch Movement giving the average person a voice. A year later, he created The Tour, bringing listeners into his intimate conversations with world famous and emerging musicians. Ted has also created, produced and still hosts podcasts for clients, including the Genius of Wellness. In the last 12 years, Ted has been a thought leader in the podcasting world and today brings us his passion, production and partnership to each and every project.