Did you know that over 37% of Americans tune into podcasts on a monthly basis? Or that 83% of employees would like to receive corporate updates via podcast?

In response to a growing need for corporate podcasts, FieldCast recently launched a six-part webinar series, “Launching A Successful  Podcast for Your Company.” The webinar series is designed to walk business leaders through every step of the podcasting process (from strategy and planning all the way to recording, producing, and promoting podcast content).

In the first installment of the series, we focused on “Finding Your Voice,” offering actionable insights on how to identify the purpose, audience, and tone for a company podcast. The webinar featured the following thought leaders:

  • Ted Canova, FieldCast’s Chief Content Officer, and award-winning producer and journalist.
  • Jeff Harrell, Director of Content Marketing at Tyler Technologies, a leading software company that helps governments and schools better serve their communities with technology designed to simplify complex processes. Jeff is also host of the Tyler Tech podcast series.

You can view the full webinar replay here and download the companion worksheet here.

Here is an overview of some of the webinar highlights and key takeaways:

Identifying Your Purpose

Before building out content or purchasing recording equipment, it is essential to get clear on the purpose of your podcast strategy. In other words, what needle are you trying to move? You can start to gain more clarity on the purpose of your company podcast by answering the following questions:

  • Do I want the podcast to engage employees and support internal communication efforts?
  • Do I want the podcast to elevate company thought leadership?
  • Do I want the podcast to increase brand-awareness?
  • Do I want the podcast to be used as a sales and marketing tool?
  • Do I want the podcast to offer continuing education of the services my company provides?

Identifying Your Target Audience

Getting clear on a target audience is also an essential and foundational part of every podcast strategy. This is because when you have a true understanding of who you want to target and what issues resonate most with a specific audience, it becomes much easier to create impactful content and develop a consistent listener following.

Here are some questions to help you gain clarity on your target podcast audience:

  • What are the characteristics of my ideal listener? What issues do they care most about? What challenges keep them up at night?
  • What do I want my ideal listener to think, feel, and do after listening to my podcast content?
  • What internal communication, marketing, and/or thought leadership outreach strategies have resonated most with my target audience in the past and why? What data do I have to support this?

Identifying Your Tone

 It is important for your company podcast to serve as an extension of your brand voice. When deciding on the right tone for a company podcast, consider the following:

  • What characteristics do I want my podcast to convey?
    • Warm & Friendly
    • Funny & Entertaining
    • Impactful & Powerful
  • What are 2-3 examples of existing podcasts that emulate the tone & feel I would like to generate for my audience?

This is the start of a special six-part webinar series where you’ll discover best practices for building a company podcast. Part two on “Building A Content Strategy” will launch on April 14th at 12pm EST. To get notified of upcoming webinars, join our email list here.