Full Service Podcast Agency

Supporting the Business of Business Communications

Strategy, Creative and Consulting

Your FieldCast team consists of award winning producers, writers, editors, and storytellers who know podcasts from the inside out. We’re ready to help you determine the best approach to define and achieve your goals. We’ll shape the editorial style and develop the content accordingly. FieldCast support teams are ready to provide assistance.

Episode Planning and Production

It starts with a plan. We’ll work with you to put together a schedule, plot out episodes and make sure all key dates and milestones are met. The FieldCast production process is seamless and efficient. Your audience will enjoy the professional level quality inherent in every episode we produce.

Hosting and Distribution

FieldCast provides full hosting and distribution on our secure private network so your content reaches only those you designate. We use a one-time single sign-on process to ensure all security protocols are met.

Reporting and Analytics

With FieldCast you’ll be able to instantly know how your podcasts are being received with real-time measurement and analytics reports on your secure and private dashboard. We can even create and measure content targeted at specific individuals or groups to gauge what’s resonating and what might need to be tweaked.