It’s never been more important to engage your workforce- whether to boost productivity or improve company culture. In this special episode, you’ll meet FieldCast President Dana Elmquist who talked about the benefits of launching a company podcast during an appearance on WGN Radio’s Wintrust Business Lunch with John Williams.


Why Podcasting?

Audio is an active medium that offers listeners a time-shifted way to engage at their own convenience. Instead of scheduling zoom meetings that can be disruptive to an employee’s workflow and negatively impact productivity, a company podcast offers a way for employees to be informed about sales and product updates, inclusion and diversity efforts, and to learn more about the people behind the company and the decisions they make. An 18-22 minute conversational podcast can improve a company’s productivity, sense of mission, and sense of culture.

Getting Started

Launching a company podcast can seem overwhelming, but a stable internet connection, a microphone, and a system to record is all that’s needed to produce a studio-quality podcast.  FieldCast has a team of almost 30 producers who coach people in a variety of industries on how to produce a company podcast. FieldCast’s secure content distribution network offers a way to reach employees and engage them in a meaningful way.

FieldCast combines an enterprise-grade podcast production and distribution technology platform with a team of extremely experienced communications strategists, coaches, producers and editors. We do this with the express purpose of helping our enterprise customers improve their connection to and empowerment of their team. Our platform provides our enterprise customers with tremendous insight into how and when their employees consume the content distributed and how they feel about the communications.