If you’re listening to a podcast, it’s most likely hosted on an RSS feed. This allows for easy access and distribution for the podcast. While this is a great tool for public consumption, there are major drawbacks that come into play when it comes to the private sector. When it comes to metrics, the only thing will be able to see with an RSS feed is the number of downloads. Any promises of detailed analytics from companies using an RSS feed to distribute your podcast will quickly run into barriers for a number of reasons.

Minor Security

The RSS feed is the backbone of the public facing podcast ecosystem but has severe limits when it comes to measurement and analytics. I’ve addressed in a previous blog post that RSS feeds do not offer a secure way to distribute your private company content. While many companies choose to use an RSS feed because of its popularity and ease of use, when you send a link to your employees with your RSS feed in it, the content runs on an open network. This means that anyone with access to that RSS feed can share and hear your sensitive information. This leaves you with no control over the end listening experience

Limited Metrics

Since this form of distribution is not fully secure, you’re not going to be able to get the metrics you need to see to tell if you’re getting the engagement you want. As a publisher of RSS content, you will have only the number of downloads of your show, not whether the show was completed, when it was listened to, or comments and qualitative feedback. You also will not be able to tell who is listening, and whether they’re in the target audience you’re aiming for. These are all extremely big problems for anyone who is using podcasting to reach their audience and increase their presence in the space. To make the most out of your private podcast, you need to make sure it is being distributed on a private content network so that you’re getting all the information you need and desire.

The Only Fully Secure Podcast Hosting Platform

FieldCast offers all of these attributes and more. Your FieldCast company podcast will be hosted on our private content network and your employees will access your show via our web or app player. Not only does this ensure complete end to end security, but it also offers much more robust analytics than our competitors who rely on a hack of the public RSS feed to deliver supposedly ‘private’ content. Your FieldCast analytics dashboard offers listening stats at the individual and aggregated level, it also integrates with Salesforce and many LMS systems to seamlessly tie your workforce productivity software to your workforce content strategy.


Dana Elmquist is President and Founder of FieldCast. To learn more about private podcasting in a fully secure environment, visit our tools and services page.